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WV5 and WV9 Custom Loading Values for MC Loading Plugs

MC Loading Plugs provided by Alta Vista for the Aria WV preamps can be ordered in either Standard or XL Build.
      Standard build (Type C) loading plugs use Neutrik gold RCA plugs and good quality E96-value resistors (smooth-sounding, some loss of detail which is normal for all resistor types except the more expensive ones used in the Type A or B plugs).
      Premium XL-build (Types A and B) loading plugs use Cardas GRMO RCA plugs and either Naked Vishay TX2352 resistors (custom-built to "Ideal" value ) or Caddock TF020 resistors at E96 value. The Caddock TF020 used in the Type B plugs are very transparent with great detail with no smearing, but do thin the sound slightly. The TX2352 resistors used in the Type A plugs are every bit as transparent as the TF020 with almost no thinning of the sound. In the highest loading values, TX2352 are not available. If you have some other plug you'd like us to use, please advise.

Prices are for pairs (one plug per channel).

MC Load (ohm) Ideal resistor value (ohm) Closest E96
resistor value
Closest E24
resistor value
Build (Type C)
XL Builds
(Types A and B)
1000 (none needed) -- -- -- --
900 1.2Meg 1.18 Meg 1 Meg $45 Type A: not available
Type B: $67
800 440K 442K 430K $45 Type A: not available
Type B: $67
700 220K 221K 220K $45 Type A: $136
Type B: $67
600 149K 147K 150K $45 Type A: $97
Type B: $67
500 100K 100K 100K $45 Type A: $97
Type B: $67
400 68K 68.1K 68K $45 Type A: $97
Type B: $67
300 45K 45.3K 43K $45 Type A: $87
Type B: $67
200 27K 27.4K 27K $45 Type A: $85
Type B: $67
(recommended for Linn cartridges)
17.3K 17.4K 18K $45 Type A: $85
Type B: $67
100 13.5K 13.3K 13K $45 Type A: $85
Type B: $67
50 8.05K 8.06K 8.2K $45 Type A: $85
Type B: $67


  1. Construction "A" is GRMO plug with Naked Vishay TX2352 0.1% resistor inside plug body.
  2. Construction "B" is GRMO plug with Caddock TF020 1% resistor. Resistor is too big to fit inside plug body, handle carefully.
  3. Construction "C" is Neutrik gold plug with 0.5% Draloric or PRP metal-film resistors inside plug body.
  4. These values apply only to WV5 or WV9 which use the Sowter 8055 MC Step-up Transformer (standard). For WV built with other transformers, contact Alta Vista Audio.
  5. You can build your own loading plugs by soldering the resistor from the hot to the ground of an RCA plug.
  6. Values not shown above can be found by interpolating from the above table, or view this chart ( PDF, 12kb).
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