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Personal Review: "As I had to scrutanize into the industry doing my routine job at Intellect Soft I spent hours comparing Audio systems in the segment targeted by Aria and must admit the highest level of quality and reliability backed up by their lifetime warranty", - Linda Gray.  
Personal Review: Aria WT350XM monoblocks, by Andrew Claps.  
Magazine Review: "WT100 XL LS stereo amplifier" by Art Shapiro, Positive-Feedback magazine online. "...a terrific amplifier" (Note that this review is based on a single rough-cut voicing of the amplifier in Art's system. I usually spend a full day voicing XL amps in the customer's house!)  
Personal Review: Aria WT100LS vs BAT VK-60 monoblocks, Part 1, and Part 2, by Joe Mendez.  
Magazine Review: "WT100 XL LS stereo amplifier" by Mark Katz, Positive-Feedback magazine online. "Recommended"  
Winner 2002 Grand Prix Award, Stereo Sound magazine, Tokyo, Japan.
Magazine Review: "The Aria WT Series Hybrid Amplifiers For The New Millennium" by Wayne Donnelly on EnjoyTheMusic.com  
Magazine Article: "A New Era In The Area Of Arias: Michael Elliott Of Aria Ltd. Talks Off The Cuff" -- An interview with Aria's designer by Srajan Ebaen from EnjoyTheMusic.com  
Magazine Review: "The Aria Audio Ltd. WT 100 LS XL amplifier" also by Srajan Ebaen on 6moons.com. Note: This is a long review, read all the way to the end and the results will surprise you (hint: after we re-voiced his amp, he is blown away with how flexible this amp is!)  

Personal Review: The sound of the WT350HS amps with Legacy Whisper speakers and Accuphase electronics, by Francis Yip.



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