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760 519 0193 (USA)
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Direct sales only. Our wholesale is your retail. If you want to buy Aria products through a dealer, have him contact me. He'll pay the same price that you would if you bought directly from us, then he'll mark it up to make the usual dealer profit. Dealers typically want double the wholesale price, and all Aria products are listed at wholesale pricing.

Buying high-end audio equipment is not like buying anything else. How your hi-fi system sounds is the result of your personal choice of the components that comprise it. I believe in taking the time to learn about your sound and music preferences and I will be happy to discuss your needs and answer all your questions on the telephone.

And don't forget, I have a pretty good reputation as a designer. You either trust that I know what I'm doing, or you don't. I won't try to convince you otherwise.

In Japan, Aria products can be purchased with Japanese warranty and technical support from Mr. Jun Hirose. Please see his web site.


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