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All Aria products are made in the United States -- what does that mean?

All CHASSIS PARTS including FRONT PANELS, HEAT SINKS, STRUCTURAL AND COSMETIC PARTS designed by me and made by Neal Feay in Goleta, California.

CIRCUIT BOARDS designed by me and fabricated in Elk Grove, Illinois.

The ELECTRICAL parts used come from all over the world, most are made in the USA, EU, and Canada. Notable parts include: TRANSFORMERS and CHOKES designed by me and manufactured by Plitron in Toronto, ON, Canada, (or Hammond, Cheektowaga, NY); COUPLING CAPACITORS manufactured by IAR-TRT; NAIS/PANASONIC RELAYS made in Japan; RESISTORS from PRP (Mediapolis, IA), Vishay/Draloric (EU), Mills Resistive Products (Huntington, IN), WIRE and CONNECTORS from US or EU vendors.


All ASSEMBLY and TESTING done at my studio in Carlsbad, California.

Aria products are not built in Asia, nor are they merely "assembled" here in the U.S. These are home-grown, made in America products.

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